Preliminary list of Obituaries listed in McKinney Newspaper Microfilm Index Books

Note that we have found more obits since this list was done. 

Obits in boldface are in our records.

name of only one obit citation - there may be more

Acker, Jessie May Dem 7/4/1912 p1
Acker, Zack Taylor Cou 8/16/1910 p1
Andrews, Sarah A Quisenberry (w WL) Plano 3/23/17 p5c1
Baccus, Edith Donnell Cou 8/20/36 p4
Ballard, W. A. Cou 9/11/23 p1
Bell, George T. (son-J.E.& M.A.) Cou 12/1/05 p1
Bishop, William F. Cou 12/6/37 p1
Boles, Mary Dem 12/5/18 p1
Brooks, Anna B. Cou 8/2/31 p2
Burgner, S. A. Dem 6/3/26 p9
Clark, Alvin Cullum Plano 3/23/17 p5c1
Clark,Mary Bone Cou 2/20/1906 p2
Conder, Oma Dallas (dau-B.W.&. E.) Dem 2/12/04 p6
Cook, Maggie (dau-N.G.& Ree) Dem 12/2/1886 p3
Cross, Hattie Dem 6/4/31 p2
Crowder, Hershel Rex (son-R.D.& Lena) Cou 10/13/05 p1
Davis, John Cou 2/6/1914 p1
Davis, Samuel Dem 12/28/05 p1
Duncan, Mary F. (wife-Thomas) Cou 11/24/36 p4
Duncan, Thomas Dem 10/15/32 p1
Duncan, Wm. Cou 7/7/26 p1
Foster, Leonard D. Cou 12/7/33 p1
Foster, W. N. Dem 3/31/21 p7
Grady, J. C. Cou 12/1/10 p2
Gulledge, Stephen Albert Cou 3/13/31 p1
Hand, Maurice Dem 5/11/33 p7
Harris, D. E. Cou 7/4/27 p1
Harris, Sarah A. (wife-D.E.) Cou 7/30/25 p1
Heath, Albert Dem 11/15/28 p1
Heath, John W. Cou 1/2/34 p6
Heath, Margus Dem 8/11/98 p3
Higginbotham, Alice Palmer Cou 9/20/39 p1
Higginbotham, Jasper H. Cou 2/12/23 p1
Hill, Etoile (dau-J.B.& Ella) Dem 12/19/89 p3
Hill, Hugh H. Dem 5/21/91 p2
Hill, Zona (dau-J.H.& Alice) Dem 9/14/99 p1
Hope, Claude Cou 5/23/1914 p1
Hughes, JC Dem 12/10/1896
Hunter, Robert Cou 3/7/1904 p3
Jacobs, Martha A. Dem 8/28/1913 p15
Jamison, Telitha Dem 11/5/25 p12
Lane, James A. Dem 12/20/28 p1
Lane, Lillie Dem 10/21/97 p3
Lester, Lewis S. Cou 5/15/05 p3
Lester, Ruth Cou 6/14/05 p2
Locknane, Charlie M. (son-W.J.& A.) Dem 1/20/1885 p3
Martin, Allis Lourena Cou 5/9/03 p1
Massie, J Clem Cou 9/10/1904
Mayes, Mack Cou 10/1/12 p1
Mayes, Willie F. (Mother) Dem 12/31/31 p5
Miller, S. W., Rev. Cou 5/10/38 p1
Miller, Sammie S. (son-Rev.S.M.& M.E.) Dem 2/23/1899 p3
Miller, Sam Cou 11/1/1906
Naugle, W. Alvin Dem 10/18/34 p1
Naugle, Wm. C. Cou 3/23/36 p1
Newman, Jason M. Cou 5/6/1910 p4
Newman, Wm. E. Cou 4/21/31 p5
Norris, Martha V. (wife-W.M.) Dem 3/22/34 p1
Parvin, Geo. T. Cou 11/1/32 p1
Parvin, Hosea Dem 8/17/02 p2
Parvin, HM Dem 8/24/1916 p10
Parvin, S. F. Dem 9/4/13 p8
Phillips, J. C. (husband-I.M.) Dem 10/31/12 p1
Phillips, Jewell (dau-J. C.& I.M.) Cou 2/27/09 p3
Reed, Henry Cou 6/19/1902 p3
Richardson, Lillie Marie Cou 5//14/36 p4
Richardson, Valmer Cou 9/23/1905 p 3
Robinson, Harriet Z. Cou 4/28/31 p5
Robinson, John E. Cou 3/25/05 p3
Rogers, Clayton Dem 1/7/1892 p3
Rogers, Elizabeth Cou 7/20/04 p1
Rogers, Erskine F Cou 10/29/1918 p4
Rogers, Jody V. Cou 4/21/02 p1
Rogers, Nancy (wife-J.B.) Dem 12/2/ 97 p3
Rogers, Tom Cou 1/22/1907p4; Cou 12/5/1918 p1
Rush, John Cou 12/11/30 p1
Shrader, Ada R. (wife-D.B.) Cou 5/21/09 p1
Shrader, Daniel Booker Dem 9/30/37 p6
Shrader, G. H. Dem 10/27/1887 p3
Shrader, Mary I. Cou 1/4/07 p1
Shrader, Wm. H. (Age 81 -9 mo-5 days) Cou 11/1/32 p1
Simms, Hettie M. Cou 5/9/29 p1
Slayton, Joseph F. Cou 11/24/26 p7
Sneathen, Elizabeth Cou 7/5/39 p1
Sneathen, G. W. Dem 1/5/05 p4
Sneathen, infant of WA 5/2/1895 p3
Spencer, Elizabeth Cou 7/24/03 p2
Spencer, Tisdale Cou 3/1/8///02 p1
Staley,W. B. Cou 3/9/31 p1
Staley,W. B., Jr. Cou 10/16/28 p1
Stanton, Georgia Grace Cou 1/24/36 p6
Starnes, James Cou 6/25/26 p1
Stoddard, Z Cou 2/6/1907 p1
Tarpley, Sterling Lake Dem 4/22/1886 p3
Taylor, Aubrey Dem 8/21/13 p3
Taylor, Hazel Dem 8/3/14 p5
Vance, Wm. C Dem 11/12/1891 p3
Webb, Sarah (wife-W.H.) Cou 4/17/23 p3
Willis, Mattie L. (wife-D.P.) Dem 3/26/1896 p2
Wood, Dillard E. Cou 2/23/31 p6
Wyatt, George 8/24/1909 p8


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