Former Frisco

Druggist Passes

Away in Dallas


Otis Connolly for twelve years

from 1918 to 1930, a druggist in

Frisco, died in Dallas Tuesday

evening.  He was a native of

Salem, West Virginia, and had

lived in Texas since 1910.

            He was a mason and a mem-

ber of  Forrest Avenue Baptist


            He is survived by one son, Pet-

ty Officer Charles Huntley Connolly,

Dallas, and his widow, and

two brothers and one sister.

            Funeral services were held at

Forest Avenue Baptist Church

Thursday  at 4 p.m. conducted

by Rev. Jamison of Dallas.  In-

ternment was made in Bethel

Cemetery, W. T. Byrum in



Democrat 8 July 1943 p. 7