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Here are two photos from the Rowlette Cem. in Allen...think I have more that are just not scanned...                       also have some of John Henry Rasor's Mother's grave in Meade Co., ...                                                         interested in that too?  Did come across the original copy of a will of one of his kids...                                          soon as I get the time to scan will send on to you...would love to see more info on the                                           Collin Co. site....my connections are to the Rasors and Harts...have found almost no                                                  info on the Hart family...also have the original marriage certificate of my grandfather                                          Conn Rasor to Emma Viola Belle Hart 2 Nov 1902...interested?  It is just beautiful...

I have other documents if you are interested....like their marriage bond along with

some legal docs concerning his mother's estate etc...sent the above photos and should                                              note they were taken from the publication "Plano, Texas The Early Years"                                                                that I purchased from the Plano library...and was so happy to find these pics! 

Tried to brighten up the marriage bonds of John Henry but alas my scanner is not the best....                                 the marriage license of Con Rasor and Belle Hart is the original and is

of legal size which my scanner will not accommodate...but think I got most of it in...
the picture of the entire John Henry & Mary Ellen Rachford Rasor family is
courtesy of Paul Smith, Citrus Heights, CA.
Lynn Hubin                                                                                                                                    LHUBIN@aol.com
Shell Lake, WI.

John Henry Rasor


John Rasor
Mary Rasor
John Rasor obit

obituary transcribed

Mrs J H Rasor obit


obituary transcribed

Talbert Rasor


obituary transcribed

Belle Rasor headstone
Emma Rasor
"Judge" and Mary Lou Rasor
Rasor Plot


Rasor Elementary

More on John Rasor Family

Obit for Sue Catherine Rasor Carter

Obit for Winnie (Mrs William) Rasor, son of William H and Lottie

The Rowlette Cemetery was transcribed in 2007.
You can read the article in the local paper here

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