Attached is a list of used books donated to CCGS. Proceeds from the sale of
these items will be used to purchase materials for the genealogy section of
the Plano Public Library System.

Items may be purchased at the listed price plus $4.00   postage per book.
Checks should be made payable to Collin County Genealogical Society and
mailed to Gwen Neumann, 1100 Janwood Circle, Plano   TX 75075.

To avoid postage charges, call Gwen at 972-423-2164 and make arrangements to
pick up your purchases.

Any books remaining unsold at the end of August 2006, will be placed on E-bay for auction.

This list has not been updated. Please contact Gwen for availability.




1. North and South Carolina Marriage Records From Earliest Days to Civil War. Edited by

William M. Clemens; 1989 Hardback, 295 pages, Alphabetized; $10.00.

2. Colonial Georgia Marriage Records From 1760 to 1810. Edited by Frances T. Ingmire;

Paperback (cover torn) 148 pages; $2.50.


3. Christian Family Chronicles, Vol. XII. Paperback, pages 1022 to 1120, July 1988; $5.00.

4. Grove Farm Plantation Biography of a Hawaiian Sugar Plantation. By Bob Krauss, 1966,

hardback, 400 pages, full name index; $10.00.

5. Robert Graves-Ancestors and Descendants: Of Anson County, North Carolina and

Chesterfield County, South Carolina. Circa 1580-1979. Edited by Kenneth Vance Graves,

hardback, 408 pages, full name index; $15.00.

6. Hollyhocks, Lambs and Other Passions, A Memoir of Thornhill Farms (Maryland). By

Dee Hardie, hardback, 1985, Illus., 222 pages, recipes; $10.00.

7. The Lee Girls (Virginia). By Mary P. Coulling, hardback, Illus., 242 pages, full name index;


8. Chronicles of a Texas Pioneer: (Love Family). Art and text by Marie Love, paperback, 132

pages; $5.00.

9. Damn Proud People (Cullum Family of Texas). (2 copies, one minus dust jacket). By Mary

Cullum Nash, 1st Edition, Illus., 1978, hardback, unnumbered pages; each $10.00.

10. Texas Tears and Texas Sunshine Voices of Frontier Women. Edited by Jo Ella Power

Exley, 1985, hardback, Illus., full name index, 275 pages; $10.00.

11. Letters of a Woman Homesteader (Elinore Pruitt Rupert of Colorado and Wyoming). By

Elinore Pruitt Stewart, paperback, 282 pages 1913-1982; $5.00.

12. The Lady Cannoneer A Biography of Angelina Bell Peyton Eberly Heroine Of The

Texas Archives War. By C. Richard King, 1981, 1st Edition, hardback, 182 pages, full name

index; $10.00.

13. Our Good Old Days (Titus County, Texas). By C. L Embrey, 1970, paperback, 241 pages;


14. Rosie The Riveter Revisited. By Serna Berger Gluck 1987, paperback, full name index;


15. Women Colonial and Pioneer. By National Society of the Colonial Dames of America From

the State of Texas, paperback, 83 page; $1.50.

16. Emily The Diary of a Hard Worked Woman. By Emily French, 1890 (Colorado). Edited by

Janet Le Compte, paperback, 166 pages, full name Index; $5.00.

17. Grandmotherís House The Story of a Midwestern Childhood (Kansas). Frances

Chapman, hardback, 196 pages; 2 copies ea $7.50.

18. A Pride of Kin (Hooks in Texas). By Wilson Callie and Ellen Rienstra, hardback, 92 pages,

1st Edition, 1985; $5.00.

19. Willie, A Girl From A Town Called Dallas. By Willie Newbury Lewis, hardback, 139 pages,

1984, 1st Edition; $5.00.

20. Bush Country Woman (Harbison family of Jim Hogg County, Texas). By Ada Morehead

Holland, hardback, 216 pages, Illus.; $10.00.

21. A Frontier Lady Recollections of a Gold Rush and Early California, (Sarah Royce).

Edited by R. H. Gabriel, Published 1932, reprint 1977, paperback, 144 pages; $5.00.

22. Reminiscences of Fifty Years in Texas. By John J. Linn, published 1883, reprint 1986,

hardback, 397 pages, full name index; $10.00.

23. Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother (Was Gross mutter Erzaehlt) 1805-1915,

(Cypress Mill, near Pedernales River). By Ottilie Fuchs Goeth, hardback, 260 pages, 1982,

Illus., full name index; $5.00.

24. Deep East Texas Folk: The Tillers, Crenshaws, Woodlys, Goldens, and Other Related

families of Panola and Harrison Counties. By Jordan and Wier, Limited Edition, #313 of

400 copies, 1976, hardback, 170 pages; $5.00.

25. The Hammonds of Redcliffe (South Carolina). By Carol Blesor, hardback, 421 pages,

1981, full name index; $10.00.

26. The Captives of Abbs Valley, A Legend of Frontier Life (Moore Family of Virginia). By a

Son of Mary Moore, paperback, 168 pages; $2.50.

27. Mostly in Clover (Boyle Family in Huron County, Ontario). By Harry Boyle, hardback,

1964, 227 pages; $7.50.


28. Captured on Corregidor Diary Of An American P. O. W. In World War II. By John M

Wright, Jr., 1988, hardback, 181 pages, full name index; $15.00.

29. Sarah Elizabeth, A Tale of Old Colorado, (Novel). Hardback 210 pages; $5.00.

30. Maude, (Rittenhouse family)(A journal). Edited by Richard Lee Strout, hardback, 593

pages, starts in 1880 In Cairo, Illinois; $10.00.


31. Mayflower Descendants In The State of Texas and Their Lineages In Commeration Of

The 350th Anniversary 1620-1970, Vol. II, hardback. Edited By Edith K. Zuber, full name

index; $7.50.

32. National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims Lineage Book IV 1993. Edited by

A. L. Finnell, hardback, full name Index; $7.50.


33. Attorneys of New Hanover County (N.C.) 1724-1978. By Crockette W. Hewlett and Leora

H. McEachern, 1979, paperback, 192 pages; $7.50.

34. A History of New Hanover County (N.C.) and the Lower Cape Region 1723-1800. By

Alfred M Waddell, paperback, 230 pages, full name index; $12.50.

35. Wayne County Heritage-North Carolina. By Wayne County Historical Association, Inc.,

1982, hardback, 536 pages, Surname index; $50.00.

36. Colonial Homes in North Carolina. By John V. Allcott, 1975, paperback, 103 pages; $1.00.

37. North Carolina Signers. By Memory F. Mitchell, 1964, paperback, 55 pages; $1.00.


38. Christmas Customs and Traditions-Their History and Significance. By Clement A. Miles,

paperback, 400 pages, Illus.; $5.00.

39. The Good Old Days-They Were Terrible. By Otto L Bettmann, paper- Back, 1974, 207

pages, Illus; $5.00.

40. The Plantation Mistress Womanís World in The Old South. By Catherine Clinton, 1982,

paperback, 331 pages, full name index; $5.00.

41. The Writers Guide to Everyday Life in The 1800s. By Mark McCutcheon, 1992, hardback,

308 pages; $10.00.

42. The White Castle (Louisiana Reminiscences 1800s). By M. R. Ailenroc, hardback, 264

pages, published 1903, reprinted 1986; $7.50.

43. Women in Texas -Their Lives - Their Experiences - Their Accomplishments. By Ann

Sears Crawford, 1st Edition, 1982, hardback, full name index, 394 pages; $12.50.

44. Flowerdew Hundred The Archeology Of A Virginia Plantation 1619-1864. By Jane Deetz,

1993, 204 pages, hardback, Illus., full name Index; $10.00.

45. True Women (Texas fiction). By Janice Woods Windle, hardback, 373 Pages; $5.00.

46. The Virginia Frontier 1754-1763. By Louis K. Knootz, 1992, paperback 186 pages, full

name index; $10.00.

47. The Great Plantation, (Virginia). By Clifford Dowdey, 1957, 320 pages 1st Edition, Illus.;


48. Women and The Creation of Urban Life Dallas, Texas 1843-1920, Book Signed by Author,

Elizabeth York Enstam, 1998, hardback, 284 pages, 1st Edition, Illus., full name index;


49. The Seasonal Heart, The Woman at Home in Early America. By Adelaide Hechtlinger,

hardback, 1st Edition, 1977, 257 pages; $10.00.

50. Itís A Womanís World. By Ruth Stout, 1960, hardback 213 pages (poor condition); 50 cents.

51. Give The Lady What She Wants (The Story of Marshall Fields and Company. By Wendt

and Kogan, 1st Edition, 1952, hardback (no dust Jacket), 384 pages, Illus.; $5.00.

52. American Journeys, An Anthology of Travel in United States (300 years Of Travel).

Paperback, 192 pages; $2.00.

53. Pioneer Children on Journey West. By Emmy E. Werner, 1995, paperback, 202 pages, full

name Index; $5.00.


54. Writing North Carolina History. Edited by Jeffery J. Crow and Larry E. Tise, hardback,

1979, 247 pages, full name index; $5.00.

55. South Carolina Genealogical Research. By George K. Schwetzer, Phd, Sc.D., paperback,

192 pages; $5.00.

56. Genealogical Research, Methods and Sources, Vol I and Vol II, (1980), Revised Edition.

By Kenn Stryker-Rodda, 1982, hardback, 372 pages; Each $10.00.

57. Index of Source Records of Maryland Genealogical, Biographical, Historical. By Eleanor

Passano, 1984, hardback 478 pages; $10.00.

58. How to Publish and Market Your Family History, 4th Edition. By Carl Boyer III, 1993,

hardback, 160 pages, Index; $3.00.

59. Irish Genealogy A Record Finder. Edited by Donal F. Begley, Dublin, Ireland, 1981,

paperback, 255 pages, Index; $5.00.

60. Virginia Genealogical Research. By George K. Schwetzer, Phd, Sc.D, 1982, paperback,

189 pages; $5.00.

61. Tracing Your Irish Ancestors The Complete Guide, 2nd Edition. By John Grenham,

1999, paperback, 374 pages; $10.00.

62. The Library A Guide To The L. D. History Library. 1988, hardback, full name index, 763

pages; $10.00.


63. The Magna Charta Surety 1215. By Frederick L. Weis, Th.D, 3rd Edition, hardback, 1979,

surname index, 125 pages; $12.00.