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From:   pjtremblay,
Subject: Incorrect Name

I just wanted you to know that on Genevieve Goering her legal and birth name is Beatrice Genevieve Hiltgen Goering. I think on your site you have her as Rosella.
I'm Gene's granddaughter if you need more information.
Are you working on the entire Ames Kansas area as a site? Your site is very impressive.
I can be reached at the following site if any questions

Hi Pam,

Thanks for the correction and the comment. I will take the Rosella off the ancestry site. I picked that up on ancestry somewhere.

Just goes to show you cant trust everything on the internet.

This started off as a small project, just trying to help Steve make sense of the cemetery records. Then I started

researching the names on ancestry and it just started growing. Unless there is more information coming this will

probably be it. My interest is the Delphos area in Ottawa county and just north in Cloud county near Bethel cemetery.