Delphos Republican Sep 9 1932



North Side Barbershop, Irl D Hogg, prop.

Sullivan's Produce House

Casey Produce House, Let Skinner cull your hens.

Delphos Cooperative Assn, Wendell Wilkins, Manager.

Delphos Poultry House, A J Scranton

Kansas Power & Light is offering free natural gas service lines.

Delphos Bakery, I H Zimmerman, prop.

East Side garage, Fred Van Horn, prop.

Ziglar Plumbing Co.

First National Bank

State Bank of Delphos

Dr W W Wagner

J H Richards, farm loans

Dr W W Wiseman, veterinarian, one block north of Hale's Hardware

Dr W B Beach, general practice

Dr W E Casey, dental surgeon, office above Eli Mullinax's store

F W Shull, DC, chiropractor, Farmers Bank bldg, Glasco.

S Belville Mercantile Co

Economy Store

Skinner Drug Store

Chance's Food Store, B S Chance,

Delphos Milling Co.



Will Sampson died Suddenly Friday. William Francis Sampson, son of George and Nancy Jane Sampson was born near Peoria ILL on May 34 (sic) 1863 and departed this life Sept 2 1932 at his home in Delphos. Obit includes the facts that he was the oldest of 10 children; the family came to Culver when he was 15; he was a blacksmith for over 40 years; married to Alma Knowles Dec 23, 1884; they had 4 children, a son, Gaylord, died in infancy;  survived by wife, and children: Mrs Jennie Wayland, of Longford, KS, George, lives on a farm near Delphos, and Rex of Los Angeles; other relatives listed; he was a Spiritualist; funeral was at the home, burial at Delphos Cemetery; Rev E L Brown was in charge; Pall bearers were Leon Somers, Andrew Kosar, Wilbur Gibbs, VV Thurston, Joe Durst, and Roscoe Bourne. Music by Ethel Thurston and Frank Rollings.


John Pinney brought a sprig of blossoms from his apple tree. He believes the tree is trying to beat the depression.

Mrs Willard Casey was host to a few friends at a bridge party Friday evening, honoring Mrs George Dean, who left for her home in Chicago. Present: Mrs George Dean, Mrs Eli Mullinax, Mrs Melvin Dean, Mrs Frank White, Mrs Walter Casey, Mrs W W Wagner, Miss Edith Olds and the hostess.

Merry Marthas of M E Church met Friday afternoon with Mrs E J Vaughn.

Mrs Melvin Dean entertained at her home Friday afternoon at a rook party honoring the Misses Frances Payne and Marjorie Dean. The guests were Frances Payne, Marjorie Dean, Felice Rollings, Nadyne Cook, June Mullinax, Doris Wiseman, Catherine and Rose Morrison, Elaine Bowers and Maurine Dupont.

A pleasant surprise was given Mrs George Keller , Jr, and her brother, Leo LaPlant, at her home Sunday in honor of their birthdays. Guests were Mr  & Mrs George Keller, Jr. and family, Mr & Mrs George Keller, Sr, and Evelyn, Leo LaPlant, Phil LaPlant, Mr & Mrs Clyde Sullivan and Jim, Mr & Mrs Frank LaPlant and family, and Mr & Mrs Cecil LaPlant and family.

Mrs Lee Harvey was hostess to the friendship club at the home of Mrs Wilbur Gibbs, on Friday. The next meeting will be with Miss Mary Hollis.

At the meeting of the officers of the Delphos fair the following committees were appointed: Frank Rollings, Farm products; Prof. H W Schaper, 4 H club calves; Mrs Fred Skinner, Flower show; Mrs C L Ziglar, Foods and Fancy work; Supt. Lindquist, school exhibits; Prin O W McNeil, grade school entertainment; Mr Decker, music; Horace Smith, poultry; J H Richards, housing; F J Mather, finance; Gurney Paramore, feed; Wiseman and Mullinax, concessions; and W F Turrentine, Jr., publicity.

Presbyterian Church services, Ernest L Brown, pastor.

Eastern Star meeting Monday included: Mrs Margaret Stevenson, Olathe; Mrs Tina Van Soyce; Mrs Urva Feeley, Mrs Margaret Latshaw of Manhattan. From Delphos: Mr & Mrs F J Mather, Mr & Mrs B S Chance, and the Mesdames Miles Parks, Gurney Paramore, A J Scranton, Wendell Wilkins, W F Turrentine, Jr., C A Sullivan, Mary Adams, George Keller, Laura White, Martha Reichard, Robt. Arheart, Frank Smith and Miss Neva Haley.


The 1932 Wildcats include Homer Hanson, Riley and L B Pilcher, Glasco, guards; Delphos fans are hoping Jack Wiseman, sophomore will be a valuable addition to the Aggie squad. He was one of the best high school centers in the Solomon valley.


Republican Central committee includes Alf Midgley and Ralph Hemenway.


McQuistion trial lasted two days last week.  Following was the trial of Norval Dorman, charged with selling mortgaged property. He was found guilty of selling a team that was mortgaged and was taken to the State Industrial Reformatory by Sheriff Fetters. Civil case disposed of State Bank of Delphos vs Philip LaPlant. The plaintiff was awarded judgement. New cases filed in district court: J E Johnson vs WC and EH Nelson, recover money; state Life Insurance vs Norman Hapgood, recovery of money; O J Smith vs N Marie Feather Watterson, interpretation of contract; and Alice M Smith vs estate of J D Ricketts, recovery of money. Real Estate was ordered sold in the estate of Lottie McLaren. Wedding license was issued on the 26th to Edward R McMillan of Emporia and Wilma (no last name) of Minneapolis. Also to Sheldon A McMickle and Beth L Cooper, both of Salina. They were married by the judge.


I N Richardson, conveys gratitude after being in the hospital in Concordia for three weeks.


James Colton reported 4 inch rain August 12th, total August rain was 12 inches. The large field which Jim Buffington planted following wheat is blooming, and should make a lot of fine corn, part of which will fill a silo.


Auditorium is playing "Possessed" with Joan Crawford and Clark Gable, and Saturday will be "West of Broadway", the strangest romance ever screened.

The Delphos Republican editor is W F Turrentine, Jr. One year cost $1.50.


This issue has news from various communities:

 (Since I'm most interested in Delphos City I will include only names listed here)

Mt Washington: Mrs Anna Slater, Clara and Dorothy Kiser, Dora Bergsten, Delta Smith, Mr & Mrs  E W Kiser, Albert Santner, Lavern Farmer, Jas. Buffington, Mr & Mrs Barney Adkins, R C Farmer, Mr & Mrs Ralph Hiner, F L Slater, Laverne Hiner, Harley Smith, R C Farmer, A Bergsten, and Ellen, Mr & Mrs Millard Keener and Donald, Mr & Mrs Grant Kiser and Phyllis Maxine, Mr & Mrs E W Kiser, Mrs Lloyd Willars,  Mr & Mrs Charley Bell and son, and Mrs John Wisbey.

Webster: Miss Lilly Tasker, Ida Blochlinger, Roy Zuker, Charlie Muller of Salina, Archie Tasker,  John Muller, Victor and Alvin Muller, Margaret Holzapfel, Charles Hartley, Mr & Mrs O W Chambers, and Dan Baxley.


 Upper Summerville: Mrs G B Bourne, Mr & Mrs Robt. Arheart and family, Mrs Alice Arheart and Delta, Mr & Mrs Tony Vossman, Mr & Mrs Earl Cree and Teddy and Phyllis Ann, G B Bourne, Mrs Jess McKain and Luella, Gail Garrison, Alma Marie Marchbank, Mr & Mrs Paul Rolph and Billy, Fred Bockhold,  Mr & Mrs Ray Everley, Mr & Mrs Purd Pilcher, Barbara Ballance, Mrs Ray Everley, Darrell Ballance, Ethel Thurston, Maude Bourne and Bobby, Ona Bourne and Lois,  Paul Davies, Mr Kilbourne, Gordon Bourne, Mr & Mrs Lou Cool, Louis and Miss Yenni, Mr & Mrs V V Thurston and Vernell, Miss Burdette Johnston, Mr & Mrs Louis Ballou and sons, Mr & Mrs Bert Bourne,and daughter, Mrs Amelia Bourne, Mr & Mrs Jess McKian and Luella, Everett McKain, Mrs & Mrs Ray Everley, Mr & Mrs John Lindquist and Johnny, Louie Ballou, Marguerite Holzapfel, and Mr & Mrs Arthur Bellows.


Bethel: Miss Lucy Grinage,  Mr & Mrs Justin Dillener, Mr & Mrs Perle Dilliner, Miss Nettie Bates, Mrs Adelia Bates, Mr & Mrs Herman Bates, Mr & Mrs Will Grinage and Ruth and Lucy, James and Roberta Armentrout, Bob Johnson, Louis King, Mrs Jay Hare, Mrs Farrar, Mr & Mrs Enoch Hurtig and son, Ed Colton, Mr & Mrs Bert Blake, Herman Bates, and Lee Colton.


Lake View: Miss Dorothy Smith, Mr & Mrs Frank Rollings and Felice, Mrs Elizabeth Rollings, Dorothy Smith, Jeff McKain, L W Kent, Mr & Mrs Frank Varvell, Mr & Mrs Paul Rice and Rex, Mr & Mrs Arthur Bellows,  Mr & Mrs Clarence Zigler and Gwendolyn, Mr & Mrs R L Durst, Ike Truex,  Mrs L C King, Gaylord King and Harold and Marie, Mr & Mrs Irl Hogg, Ernest Lynch, Mr & Mrs Charley Bellows, J W Kent, A M Bearnes,  Mr & Mrs Frank Hurtig and Gladys, Mr & Mrs Athos Cook, Lester, Gertrude and Dorothy Smith, Mrs Charles Klein and JoAnn, Leo Allison, Bob Cook, Horace Smith, Mrs Kenneth Ballou, Rupert Smith and Clara, Connie King, Mr & Mrs Lee Baccus and Vincent, Mr & Mrs Ern Sidener and Mabel, Ruth Rolph, Gertrude Smith, Mae Lynch, and Mrs Ernest Lynch.


Miss Nina Schooley of Winfield IA is a guest of Jas. T Brown and family.

Mrs George Dean and daughter, Marjorie, were dinner guests of Mr & Mrs Willard Casey Thursday evening of last week. They left Monday for their home in Chicago after spending the summer here with relatives.

Mrs Erma Brown of Belfast, Maine came last week to spend the winter with home folks.

Dr & Mrs W W Wagner and son returned Friday from a visit in Pueblo, Colorado.

For Sale, one large circulating heater, M A Dean.

Mr & Mrs Lew Skinner and children, and W B Skinner returned Sunday from a several weeks visit in Longmont, Colo with Mr & Mrs Jim Skinner.

Mrs Walter Thompson, of Utica, KS is visiting relatives in and around Delphos.

Mrs Maude Warren and Elva, and Ira Myers drove to Abilene Sunday after Mrs Myers and Bonnie Virginia, who had spent the week there.

Richard Marchbank and Miss Grace Smith, both of El Dorado, were weekend guests of Richard's parents, Mr & Mrs J C Marchbank.

I N Richardson was brought home Sunday from St Joseph's hospital.

Darrell Balance, son of Mr & Mrs Paul Balance, was taken to St Joseph's hospital on Thursday of last week.

Mr & Mrs Harry Partridge of Grand Island, Neb. Came Saturday evening to spend Sunday and Monday with the F B Partridge family.

Mrs Glen Root, accompanied by Miss Josephine Zimmerman, returned to her home in Brewster Friday.

Miss Winifred Olds went to Norway Saturday, where she will teach this year.

Miss Agnes Olds went to Manhattan Wednesday to enroll in K S C. She will specialize in home economics.

Will Hale has been unable to be at his store this week because of illness.

Keith Fitch will leave Sunday for Parkville, MO to enter his third year at Park college.

George Young is visiting with home folks, having come here from Quinter, where he is conducting a sale for Ed Steinbrock.

Jack Wiseman left yesterday for Manhattan to enroll in his second year at K S C.

The Jesse Rolph family moved last week to the Lawrence Hart home, formerly occupied by the Leo Rauch family. F J Mather and W F Turrentine, Jr. attended the meeting of the Ottawa County Republican central Committee at Minneapolis last Saturday.

Mr & Mrs George Wood were Sunday and Monday visiting at Tescott.

Mr & Mrs Claude Wayland and family of Longford were called here Friday evening by the death of Mrs Wayland's father, Will Sampson. They remained over for the funeral Sunday.

Mrs Roy Bowen and children, and Mrs A J Scranton, spent Friday in Beloit with Mrs Bowen's parents.

Mr & Mrs W R Ranney of Minneapolis visited in Delphos Sunday with Mr Ranney's parents, Mr & Mrs B W Ranney.

J F Drake of Ottawa came Friday evening for a few days visit with Mrs George Hockett and Leona, returning home Monday.

Mr & Mrs Dan Hornois of Horton spent the weekend with Mr & Mrs J B Hornois. They all went to Aurora Sunday to spend the day at the Dave Hornois home.

Mr & Mrs L J Bumgardener spent Saturday night and Sunday in Miltonvale  with the H A Cole family; and Mrs W T Mathews.

J P Morrison drove to Kansas City Saturday night after Mrs Morrison and Jerry Jay, who had spent the week there. They returned home Monday.

Mr & Mrs William Rinehart and Billy, of Concordia, spent Monday at the L J Bumgardner home.

Miss Uda Teed will go to Salina this week to enroll in Kansas Wesleyan university, specializing in music.

Mrs G A Taylor of Salina, and Mr & Mrs R Simons of Topeka spent Sunday with Mr & Mrs Melvin Dean, Darlene and Bobby.

Mr & Mrs W M Payne, Frances and Junior, spent the weekend in Kansas City, Frances going on from there to Nevada, MO to enroll in Cottey college.

Miss Ruth Austin and children have moved their household effects here from Wilson, and will make their home this winter with Mrs Austin's parents, Mr & Mrs E E Baldwin.

Mr & Mrs A J Scranton spent Wednesday in Salina, where Mrs Scranton attended a meeting of the Presbyterial at the Presbyterian church there.

Mrs Clark Myers and Wyatt, and Mrs Catherine Ferris were Hutchison visitors Friday of last week.

Mrs A  D Haug has returned to Concordia, after having had charge of Dr W B Beach's office while the Beach family was in New York state.

Mr & Mrs Fred Haggart and Mrs George Smith drove to Clay Center, NE early Wednesday morning to visit radio station KMMJ.

Dr and Mrs W B Beach and daughters, and George Beach arrived home Tuesday from their trip to New York state.

Mr & Mrs L D Clingenpeel spent Sunday and Monday in Chapman with Mr & Mrs Elroy Clingenpeel and Madeline. They had the pleasure of visiting with Rev. Paul J Vielguth and heard him preach for the first time since his operation.


Probate court: sale of property by W A Hale, guardian for the estate and person of Catherine Charlotte McLaren.



Fairview: Mrs Lester Sharp, Mr & Mrs Ralph Reafsnyder, Guy Reahsnyder, Zelvia Sinpson, Harry Sharp, Mr & Mrs Ernest Simpson and Dana, Mr Prouty, Mr & Mrs Jim Snook, Mr & Mrs Ray Hamilton, Evedett Shroyer, Ernest Simpson and Elmo, Mr & Mrs Ted Albertson. Donald Darnell, Clea Hamilton, Mrs hinchsliff and Miss Beulah and brother, Mr & Mrs RE Wilkins, Bert Avery, Mr & Mrs Lester Sharp, Mrs Mollie Bain, Mrs Bell Yowell, Mr & Mrs George Shroyer, Mrs John Fagin, Mrs Otto Braun, Mr & Mrs Fred Sharp and Creta, Alfred Johnston, Fred Sharp, Mollie Simpson and son, Alden, Sime Sheely, S M Miller family, and Mr & Mrs Melvin Betters.


Cedar Grove: Evelyn Bennett, Mr & Mrs Henning Larson and Margaret and Mae, Mr & Mrs Oscar Johnson, Henry Steinbrook, Mrs McGee, Mr & Mrs Semon Johnson, Mr & Mrs Albin Larson, Mrs Anna Hurtig, Miss Cornie King, Leonard Hurtig, Alfred Hurtig and Billy, Mr & Mrs Harold Hollis, Mr & Mrs John R Nelson, Mr & Mrs Athos Cook, Mrs Geo. Parks, Mrs Miles Parks, Art Annis, Harold Hollis, Barbara Bucy, Mr & Mrs Tony Johnston and Nona Ruth, Mrs Lurton Bennett, Isabelle Nelson, Fairy Casey, Mr & Mrs John Schlehuber, Fred Hurtig,


Final Settlement, Andrew B Doty, deceased, by Luetta Doty, Executrix

Final Settlement, Harriett E Truett, deceased, by Mrs Sylvia Betts, Executrix

Final Settlement, J M Hare, deceased, Jay Hare, Administrator


Rebekah IOOF, Mrs Carl Rolph, Mrs Wilbur Gibbs, Mrs Orpha Zigler, Mrs N Marchbank, Mrs M Reynolds


Odd Fellows IOOF, Clarence Girton, Wendell Wilkins, C L Cain, H E Yenser, Fred Skinner


Masonic A F & A M, W F Turrentine, Jr., MA Dean, Wendell Wilkins, H P Dean, J H Richards


Eastern Star, Mrs Mary C Adams, F J Mather, Florence Sullivan, Mrs Nannie Dean



Classified Ads:

Paul P Kunc, Democratic candidate for County Clerk

Corn binder by Frank Jaquier

Alto horn by Mrs Amy Larzalere