Delphos Republican

July 17 1908


The Annual School meeting was held. A nine months term was voted. Matters pertaining to the crowded condition of the primary department were discussed. The County Commissioners were instructed to pay $700 to the school district. This is the first time the district will be out of debt.

A new Jewelry store is opened in the west room of the Odd Fellows Annex. We handle a full line of optical goods, Haley & Benson.

For sale, Residence property, situated one block south of public square. 6 rods by 20 rods, with good house and barn, contact Pricilla Mantz.

Spirituals and Liberals announce 30th annual meeting. This will be primarily a tent camp. Trains will bring you to Solomon City or Beloit where private hacks can be hired. Train fares within Kansas are 2 cents a mile.

A baby boy was born to Mr & Mrs C C Ernsbarger Monday July 13th. (census shows George, to Charles Curtis and Nora)

Bat Griffin won the buggy July 4th, given by James & Meyers.

The Glasco and Delphos Exchange telephone lines are now directly connected. Subscribers can call free for 5 minutes. Non subscribers will pay 10 cents for 5 minutes.

Public Sale at Frank Hurtig farm, two miles south and one mile west of Delphos on Aug 4th. Free lunch at noon.

George Shaw’s gasoline launch is out of commission for repairs. Millard Blanchard went to the river intending to take some friends out boating. The smell of gasoline was very strong so Millard lit a match to see where it was coming from. He made it to shore and was not seriously injured.


July 21 1933


GAR veteran buried Sunday, Hiram B Goodwin, one of Delphos’ two remaining Civil War veterans was buried at Delphos cemetery. He is survived by one veteran Henry Warsop.

Alonzo Nathaniel Rice, 1859-1933, was married to Mary Veverka, Delphos, Dec 7 1889, and they had 7 children. Vernon Rice of Delphos is one of the sons.

Wilson Wagner celebrated his 5th birthday with many of his little friends. Bobby Dean, Bobby Bourne, Edgar and Herbert Turrentine, Bobby and Phyllis McCullough, Caroline Elizabeth Rollins, Rose Doreen Wilkins, Virginia Griggs, Leland Smith, Reggie Wiseman, Jackie Willars and  Etois Hoesli.


July 17 1958


Mrs David Tomei, who was Catherine Wiseman, stopped by and  said  Delphos does not look the same as it did 21 years ago when she left and there are very few persons living here now who she knows.

Damaging winds struck Delphos Friday. Fairly large tree limbs and tv antennas were damaged. There is still wheat to be cut. Temperature wise it is cool and comfortable.

K-Tstation was robbed last week. Seven cartons of cigarettes were taken, $2.75 from the cash drawer and 13 gallons of gas.

Mrs Wilson Burough and her grandson Kenny Opat, visited Salina . Mrs Leo Opat came from Lindsborg and Kenny returned home with his mother and four of his sisters. The other, Kathy, returned with grandma for a week. In Ruth’s words “we traded our boy for a girl”.

Lion President Max Rolph sent notices for the horse show.

Ex Delphosite Dean Stratton put on quite a thrill in downtown Beloit Thursday evening when the accelerator in his car got stuck. Before the foot feed shook loose the car hit a trash can, hurling it through a large display window, bent a parking meter stanchion, hit a parked auto which jumped the curb to lay low a second parking meter. The trash can sailed through the window of Raney Drug store, across the street from Deans drug store. Is that any way to treat a competitor?

Showing at Delpheum Theatre, Man on Fire, starring Bing Crosby.

Passing Sunday morning, Eunice Adkinson, oldest pioneer lady. They lived on the farm now owned by Lowell Crum, then when Mr Adkinson died she lived with her daughter, Mr & Mrs Lester Colson.



July 21 1983


Picture of Delphos Coop Girls Softball team: Gary McKain, Audra Allison, Robin Paige, Martina Bremerman, Shelly Garrison, Tiffany McKain, Rachel Bremerman, Tom Meredith Sue Schmidt, Tanya Davidson, Carolyn LaBarge, Rochelle Campbell and Shelia Kline.

Tom Meredith reports fire calls made to Sherberts Salvage yard, Alan Thurstons and Delmar Jeffries. They were burning and the fire got away. Thurstons jumped the waterway and burned two or three acres of Don Taskers pastureland.

Leona Adkins property at 404 Custer has been sold to Larry and Lori Geist.

Last Tuesday Tresa Steinbrock discovered the Laundry had been vandalized. Items were stolen and unwashables were washed.

Frank Kline, Salina , announces the birth of a son, Mathew Chance Kline was born July 6th.  Grandparents are Mr & Mrs Frank Bremerman and Mr & Mrs Tony Payne. (Actually, grandfather Frank Kline died 1953, Gracia Lea Nauman (Chancy) married again)

Picture of Ray & Margaret Rice, who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary July 31st.

Lamoine Baldock land Auction July 25th