100/75/50/25 years ago in Delphos


by Aurora Chancy  

If you are keeping track of my articles in the newspaper, I found a few typos: the issue of Sept 27 2007, the first couple of lines should be dated Sept 27 1907; the line about Louise Steinbrook and the rest of that article, should have the date of Oct 4 1907; the issue of Oct 11 2007 has a section with the date of Oct 3 1952 and that should be 1957 instead. If you would like to read the articles online go to www.chancy.org/delphos/ . You may register your surname there for me to look up your ancestor.



Oct 11 1907 Delphos Republican


The first primary room in the school has an attendance of 64. That is too many for one teacher.

Public Auction for Wm. Stewart will be held Monday Oct 14 1907, on the old Boucher place, 7 miles northeast of Delphos.

A baby boy was born to Mr & Mrs Fleshman Sunday Oct 6th. (1910 census shows James born to James & Mary)

The brick front to the Parker and Beck store was repaired this week. Norman Conde did the work.

Mayor Barnes ran into a gang of crap shooters Monday morning. They were taken before Judge JH Richards and fined $104 between them. Looks like gamblers will find Delphos a hard place to live from now on.


Oct 14 1932 Delphos Republican


Mr & Mrs Victor Colton are the parents of a daughter born Sat Oct 1.

Harry Bower passed away. He had a farm northeast of Delphos and later had a jewelry business in Delphos. His wife was a daughter of the Reeses and they lived on Rees land, south of Delphos for many years.

The marriage of George Kune of Glasco and Mildred Christenson of Smith Center took place Oct 6th.

Zimmerman Bakery added some new equipment.

Mr & Mrs Ralph Franklin have given the name of Burton Cole to their son, born Sept 16th.


Oct 10 1957 Delphos Republican


Mr & Mrs Mark McHenry of Hays had a son Oct 3, named Craig Alan. Mrs McHenry was Nancy Hubbard and Grandma Hubbard was Frances Payne of Delphos. Marks parents are Mr & Mrs C A McHenry of Delphos. Great grandmother is Jennie Payne, also of Delphos.

Clarence Girton of Tescott, Ephriam Bergsten of Lindsborg and Charles Lazalere of Minneapolis,  passed away.

Robert Keim, son of Frank Keim of Delphos, enlisted in the Air Force. Pvt Donald Brown, son of Mr & Mrs Lauren Brown,  has enrolled in graduate school at University of Hawaii.

6th grade perfect spellers include Linda Willars, Larry Thurston, Danny Pilcher, Ronelda Meredith, Sheri Krone, Jimmy Keener, Carolyn Gile, Bonnie Garst, Gale Dean Garrison and Terry Chancy. 7th grade, Judy Ablard and Paula Reynolds have been selected to alphabetize our library books.

Horace Smith celebrated his 85th birthday Oct 7th.


Oct 14 1982 Delphos Republican


Marcia Hauck graduated from the National Graduate Trust School. The American Bankers Assoc and Northwestern University offer a three year program. Attending were Dana and Michelle Hauck, Carroll and Virginia Righter and Ray and Margaret Hauck.

Funeral services for Robert K Winsett, Concordia,  were Oct 12. Burial is at Pleasant Hill cemetery.

Sharity DeeAnn Nelson was born Oct 3, to Russell and Arletta Nelson. Grandparents are Mr & Mrs John A Nelson and Mr & Mrs Elvin Luthi. Great grandparents are Mr & Mrs John A Nelson and Mrs Vera Luthi, and Mrs Richard Haley.

10th annual Grittman Reunion held Oct 3. Peter Grittman's descendants numbered 64 present.

Funeral services were held for David Phelps, Granada Hills, CA, on Oct 2 at Miltonvale.