Delphos Republican

Sept 12 1957



Delpheum Theatre

Brown Hardware

Orkin Exterminating Company

E  & F Floor Covering, Minneapolis

Williamson Furniture, Minneapolis

State Bank of Delphos

Parks- Holtz Funeral Home

Dr WE Casey, office over Jones Variety Store

West Side Garage, Chas. Magee

Dr W L Jensen, Minneapolis

Brock Barber Shop, Clark Brock

Hustus Hotel - Café

C C Davis, abstractor, Minneapolis

M P Ballard, MD,

FW Shull, DC, Glasco

Floyd Feasel, Drugist

Antene Agency, Real estate

Ponton Locker, butchering

Zajic Bros

Bohnenblust Inplement Co, Minneapolis

Haley Funeral Home, Glasco

Bill Mondt, Insurance

Haley's Food Market, Dale and Mabel

Coop Service Station, N O Chilen, Manager

Dean Funeral home, Mr & Mrs Lewis P Dean, Glasco

Jim's café

Chance's Food Store, Mr & Mrs B S Chance

Dance at Vets Bldg, Glasco, music by Perky Ramblers

C & L Drive In, Glasco



While cruising up Highway 81 Mr & Mrs George Woods were flagged down by Rev Edward Angell, who was enroute to Burr Oak. He is pastor of Asbury Methodist church. Not very often you meet an angel on the highway.


Lester and Priscilla Talley served supper of fresh catfish pulled from the Solomon.


Charlie Klein also has a special catfish bait. Les swears he can smell Charlie when he drives by the lumber yard.


A former resident, (film smeared but I think it is Charles) Cain, called at this office. His father, H O Cain, operated a grocery store here for about a year from 1910 to 1911 and the son was looking or the building. No one could enlighten him but he since found out the store was bought from Frank Stanley, and the building was on the north side of the square next to the alley just east of the bank at that time. The elder Mr Cain also owned both dray lines while here. While living here the Cain family occupied the former Jaquier property at the southeast edge of Delphos, now the home of the Lornie Crusha family. Now Mr Cain and his father live in Pomona, Kansas.


Notice of City Council Meeting, Ray Everley, Mayor.


Kenneth K Gowdy has position at Kansas State College. Assistant Dean in the Engineering department. As soon as his military service terminated August 30th, the family's household goods were moved to Manhattan.


Corliss Ballou, son of Mr & Mrs Louis Ballou, has returned to Manhattan to begin his fourth year as instructor in welding in the Industrial Arts department of Kansas State College.


Junior Junction officers: Darlene Dewey, Ross Hoffhines, Donald Goddard, Deanna Smith.


Harley Smith (film smeared) State Fair.


Thanks for the Delpheum Theatre Sponsors for the gift, Brenda LaPlant.


Thanks for kindness during recent illness, Mrs Dale Brown.


Clarence Girton, son in law of Mr & Mrs John Pinney, is a patient at St Josephs hospital following a heart attack. He is the husband of the former Christie Pinney. Mr & Mrs Pinney are staying in Tescott with Judy Girton, youngest member of the family, while Mrs Girton is in Salina near her husband.


Mr & Mrs Max Rolph, Jolene, Neal and Jack, went to Manhattan Sunday where Jolene enrolled as a freshman at Kansas State College.


Mrs Clark Brock went to Oberlin Sunday to assist in the care of her daughter, Mrs Marvin Walker, who is ill.


PTA meeting, Mrs Jack Willars, president, announces committees: Hospitality, Mrs Peggy Paramore, Mrs Naomi Barber, and Mrs Betty Mortimer. Budget and Finance, Ms Mildred Phillipson, Mrs Clara Irvine, and Mrs Mildred Chancy. Safety, Mrs Dorothy Marler. Publicity, Mrs Charlotte Keener. Membership, Mrs Clara Ellison, Mrs Madeline Steinbrock, Mrs Donna Tasker, Mrs Tressa Steinbrock, and Mrs Marie Darrow. Pre school service, Mrs Ula Nace. Room mother chairman, Mrs Virginia Righter. Program and Founders day, Mrs Isabelle Nelson, Mrs Norline White, Mrs Colleen Halderson and Mrs Valera Smith.  Student Loan Fund, Supt, T J Berber, Mr Willard Irvine and Mr Blake Ferris. Civil Defense, Mrs Geneva Brown. Room mothers for 1957-1958 are: 1st grade, Mrs Paul Breen and Mrs Kenneth Redfearn, 2nd grade, Mrs Bill Clark and Mrs Wesley Larson, 4rd grade, Mrs Lee Ponton and Mrs Donald Tasker, 4th grade, Mrs Otis Adkins and Mrs Marvin Alderson, 5th grade, Mrs Corliss  Paramore and Mrs Elton Smith, 6th grade, Mrs Gale Garrison and Mrs Ed Pilcher, 7th grade, Mrs Bill Mondt and Mrs Harley Smith, 8th grade, Mrs Elbert Annis and Mrs Dale Haley, 9th grade, Mrs Fred Jilka and Mrs Ernest Otte, 19th grade, Mrs Clifton Hawkins and Mrs Ted Hollis, 11th grade, Mrs Ola Barnes and Mrs Harry Ranney, 12th grade, Mrs Carl McHenry and Mrs Paul Rolph.


Mr & Mrs Louis Rice who have been living in Ft Wayne IN are moving to Littleton CO to work for the Glenn Martin Co in Denver.


Dr & Mrs M P Ballard observed their 25th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Guests were Mr & Mrs Reuben Thomas, Mr Ed Cooper and Rodney Ballard. The other son, Marshall, was unable to be present because of activities at his fraternity house in Manhattan. Mrs Grindle had a lovely cake baked by Mrs Dean Casey.


Helpful Housewives HDU met with Mrs John Nace Thursday. Mrs Robert Gleason and baby were guests. Mrs Willard Irvine and Delta Arheart conducted recreation. Mrs Elmer Gehrke was winner of the contest. Unit will meet Sept 19 with Bernice Nelson.


Birthdays of Dan Pilcher and Robert Gowdy were observed Sunday with dinner at the ed Pilcher home. Present were Mr & Mrs Robert Gowdy and Steven of Salina, Mr & Mrs Kenneth Gowdy, David and Elizabeth of Manhattan, and Mr and Mrs Ed Pilcher,  Pat and Dan.


Sunshine Social Club with Ruth Bennett.


Young matrons club with Donna Tasker met on Sept 4th with the following members:

Betty Gawith, Sue Giesecke, Etoys Rice, Beverly Nelson, Violet Gehrke, and Lois Clark. Children present were Judy Clark, Sherry and Kay Gehrke, J B and Barry Nelson, and Pamela Tasker. Guests were Betty Sheppard of Salina and Tresa Steinbrock. Traveling prize was won by Lois Clark. The club will meet Sept 18 with Lois Clark.


Mrs Dale Brown was brought home Friday from St Josephs Hospital in Concordia, where she was hospitalized for a week.


Report of Soil conservation work in the county includes: George W Davis, conservationalist, and plans were completed by Lenora Gant, Harold Harper, Kate Mowery, Dick Postlethwaite, Earl Husted, Frank McCready, Wayne Kreigh, Darrell Hubbard, H J Berkley, Hazel and  A R Bauerfind, Chas. Carlson, John Bishop and Cline Stout.


Cub Scout News, Dana Hauck and Olin Paynter were visitors. Phyllis Martin reported. Boys mentioned were David Adkins, Dan O Adkins, Mike Chancy, Jimmy Keener.


Sarah Santner arrived home from Chicago from a visit with her daughter Ailcy. Ailcy brought her mother home and remained until Tuesday.


Mike Davis, 10 year old son of Mr & Mrs Herbert H Davis,  of Salina was injured in a bicycle car collision which took the life of a ten year old Salina girl. Mary Jo Wilson was killed when struck by a car driven by a 13 year old girl. Mike was knocked to the street and treated at St John's hospital. His brother Brad, 8 and another boy were at the scene but were not injured. The driver, Brenda Joyce Eoff, and her parents had been visiting the Davis home. The father backed his car out of the driveway and let his daughter take the wheel. Herbert and the dead girl's father witnessed the tragedy. Herbert is the son of Mr & Mrs Pearl Davis, and his wife is the former Beth Shivers, daughter of Mr & Mrs Clarence Shivers, of Delphos.


Republican Honor role: new subscribers: Jolene Rolph, Manhattan; Wayne James;L O Slater, Wichita; Sara lee Nelson, Lawrence. Renewals: Mr W R Ranney, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; R D Pilcher, Pueblo, Colo.; Ed Erickson, Concordia; Louis D Rice, Littleton, Colo; Roger Funk, Dr W A Adams, Glasco; Gordon Zajic; Art Darrow; Clifton Hawkins, rt 2; Wanetta Grindle; Floyd Feasel; Mrs Lillie Kent, Eugene Brown, LeRoy (film damaged), Rolla Meredith, rt 2.


Girls softball team lists individual runs for the season: Santner 33, Ranney 29, D Smith 27, Parrish 25, Ponton 24, V Smith 18, Butcher 18, Phillipson 18, Gawith 16, Riley 12, Barnes 4, Newell 1.  2nd team: J Smith 11, A Mondt 11, C Gile 9, Sechrist 8, LAPlant 8, Jilka 6, Willars 5, Meredith 4, Paramore 4.


Mr & Mrs Max Colton of Manhattan announce the birth of a son, Terry Alan, on Sept 2. 9 pounds, eleven ounces. Maternal grandparents are Mr & Mrs Fred Harder of Wells. Mr & Mrs Victor Colton, Delphos, are the paternal grandparents. Mrs Josephine Bellows of Delphos is the baby's great grandmother.


Rookie and Cookie baseball teams please turn in uniforms to Max Rolph.


Mr & Mrs Ed Kiser have returned home. When their farm work was completed at Ashton, SD, they went to Detroit Lakes, Minn. And other points of interest before returning to Delphos.


Tuna salad sandwich recipe, Mrs Lynn D Smith, Minneapolis



Mr & Mrs Gary Skinner (photo) - were united in marriage Sunday, Sept 1 in Phillipsburg. The bride is the former Miss Peggy Garrison, daughter of Mrs Dwight Garrison, Phillipsburg. Gary is the youngest son of Mr & Mrs Fred Skinner of Chanute.


Fort Hayes Hadley Memorial scholarship to Darlene Rolph, daughter of Mr and Mrs Delmar Rolph, Minneapolis. Darlene is the granddaughter of Mr & Mrs Carl Rolph of Delphos.


Mr & Mrs Howard Lynch, Sharon and Jim, Beloit, were Sunday guests of Mr & Mrs Lamoine Baldock, Priscilla and Tamara.


Robert E Dean, son of Mr & Mrs Melvin Dean and a grandson of Mrs H P Dean has been transferred from Osage City to Ottawa, Kansas, where he has been appointed Work Unit conservationist for the Franklin County Soil conservation District. Bob and his wife, the former Marjorie Giesecke, daughter of Mr & Mrs (microfilm damaged).


Mr & Mrs Matt Davis of Minneapolis have purchased the C A Nightingale property just outside the eastern city limits. They are installing a water system and will do other improvements before moving into their new home. Mr & Mrs Nightingale plan to locate in Oklahoma after their wheat crop is in.


Miss Jeannine Hartley is here for a visit with her mother, Mrs Grace Hartley, other relatives and friends.



School News, 1st Grade Mrs Shirley Jones; 2nd grade Mrs Cain there are 9 in the class. Grade 4 Mrs Postlethwaite, 15 4th graders, room mothers are Mrs Otis Adkins and Mrs Marvin Alderson. These 4th graders had perfect spelling last week:  David Adkins, Marvin Alderson, Sue Christ, Jackie Green, Eddie Hoffhines, Melvin Keim, Ruth McKain, Linda Merry, Emley Mortimer, Gary Paynter, Bobby Righter and Ada Mondt.



5th grade, Miss VanMeter, 17 children, Spelling Honor roll: Dennis Barnes, Eddie Blake, Barbara Butler, Mike Chancy, Kathleen Fleshman, Mark Garst, Karen Halderson, Paul Haley, Kenneth Jamison, Larry Johnston, Eddy Martin, Dianna Murray, Pamela Paramore, Judy Smith, Dee Ann Somers and Donald Thurston. 6th grade, Miss Soderblom, perfect spelling; Terry Chancy, Gale Dean Garrison, Carolyn Gile, Bonnie Garst, Jimmie Keener, Sheri Krone, Ronelda Meredith, Larry Thurston Dan Paynter,  Danny Pilcher, and Lyle Sechrist. Cheerleaders were June Smith, Carol Lea Sechrist and Judy Ablard. Librarians Larry Thurston and Carolyn Gile. New student Larry Johnston joined our class this year. 7th grade (microfilm damaged) addition to class Mike Mamoth.

Social studies committee chairmen were Judy Ablard, Patricia McKain and Terry Somers. 8th grade, Mr Smith, 15 students. Spelling perfect papers: Arden Annis, Sharon Blake, Catherine Garst, LaVonna Krone, Alvena Monde, Carole Newell, Pat Pilcher, Jack Rolph, Carol Sechrist and June Smith. Cherleaders June Smith and Carol Sechrist.



East of Delphos, Mrs J S Dewey,

Mr & Mrs Leo LaPlant and family and Mrs Rolla Hogg were callers at Carl Ablard home.

Mrs Dadie Phillipson is staying with the Willard Sechrist family.

Mr & Mrs Sonny Hart and Larry are visiting Mr & Mrs L J Hart, Jim and Ilene, for a few days before Sonny goes back to school. He was just released from the service.

Mr & Mrs Leo LaPlant were callers at Clifton Hawkins home. They got a little pup while there.

Ronnie Keim left Monday for the Navy.

On Sunday the following held a picnic at Glasco Park and helped Mrs Ross McKain celebrate her birthday: Ross McKain, Mrs Clara Briggs and Bernice, Mr & Mrs Jeff McKain, Mr & Mrs Everett McKain, Mr & Mrs Hap McKain, Mr & Mrs Rex McKain, Irene and Patricia, Mr & Mrs Jed Dewey,  and Darlene. Duane McKain and Maxine Parks joined the group in the afternoon.

Judy Breen ate Sunday dinner with Brenda LaPlant. Gary Johnson and Charles Ablard spent Sunday afternoon with Jerry LaPlant.


Here & There, Mrs L R Cunningham, we congratulate Frank Jones purchase of Miltonvale Drug store.

Mrs Maude Lemon and daughter, Betty of Manhattan visited her sister, Mrs Walter Sheets and Mr Sheets over the Labor Day weekend.

Senator Carlson still calls Cloud county home.

Otis Hardesty of Minneapolis, visited his sister Mrs Josephine Blake, Sunday afternoon.

Leslie Blake family of Wichita were guests at the home of his mother, Mrs Josephine Blake. They had a picnic Saturday at Airport Park in Concordia with Hilary Wentz family. Sunday they met at Minneapolis park, Josephine Blake, Mr & Mrs Leslie Blake, Leslie Ann, Bobby May and Mary, Mr & Mrs Fenton Blake, Sharon, Melvin and Eddie, Mr & Mrs Jim Davis, Mr & Mrs Bill Nuss, Mr & Mrs Bryce Blake, Bill, John and Dale, Patricia Blake and Otis Hardesty.

Weir Mitchell has been selling cattle at sales, his son Richard has been hauling them. Ervin Dale Mitchell is coming into Glasco each morning to attend kindergarten.

Mr & Mrs Howard Courtney entertained with a family dinner Sunday in honor of Mrs Courtney's brother Dick Martin, and family who are leaving next week to live in Manhattan while Dick attends KSC. Present were Mr & Mrs Dick Martin and children, Mr & Mrs Max Martin, Dixie and Bill, and their mother and grandmother, Mrs Mayme Martin. Miss Sondra Cool spent the weekend with her parents, Mr & Mrs louis Cool, Bill and Sue. She spent the summer working at a resort near Berrian Springs, Mich and left this week to enter her junior year at Kansas State College.

Miss Sandra Chapin left Sunday for senior year at K State. Her summer was spent at the home of her parents, Mrs and Mrs Leland Chapin.

Mrs Ruth Felt and son Bob of Concordia were Sunday guests of Mr & Mrs Miner Ballou. In the afternoon, all were callers at the L R Cunningham home.

Mr Albert Kientz  and son Jim of Wamego called at the Ronald King home Saturday after a trip to Beloit with a load of watermelons.

Mrs Delle Wealand was taken to Salina last week by her nephew, Otis Hensley, where she boarded a train for Denver to visit at Kittridge with Mr & Mrs E V plush in their summer cottage for a few days.

Joe Davidson was taken to St Josephs hospital Sunday afternoon for treatment.


Probate Court, estate of M H Davis, deceased, and Nellie H Davis, deceased, by Pearl E Davis, son and one of the heirs. McNalley and Corman, atty, Minneapolis.


Lodge Cards:

Odd Fellows, Donald Haley, William Walker, C L Cain, Ray Rice, Orville Briggs

Delphos Lodge AF & AM, Lee Ponton, Ronald Everley, Max Rolph, Dale Brown.

Clark Conde Post American Legion


Meredith - Mrs Joe Haist. Joe and Edna Haist joined the Haist relatives at dinner at Mrs George Shay's in Miltonvale.

Mr & Mrs Victor Colton write from Colorado that they are very busy with fruit harvest.

Mr & Mrs John Pellant and sons, and  Ivan and Audrey Colton spent Labor Day at the farm.

Clara and Bernice Jones came down from Concordia.

Jennie Whitley was in Concordia to take the HDU lesson.

Byron colton is working in Cheyanne Wy.

Fank Jones of the Jones Variety Stores at Miltonvale, Delphos and Glasco has purchased the McIntire drug store in Miltonvale and will combine the two.

Mrs Fenton Blake and Edna Haist went to Salina with Mr & Mrs Porter Tuesday.

Owing to illness, HDU did not meet with Nettie Lynch on Tuesday.

Pauline Phillips had a sale of her place on 24 & 81 Sept 5.

Dr Adams was called recently to treat a calf for Pat Lynch.

Diane and Sharon Carver were on the 4H foods judging team that will go to the State Fair at Hutchinson. Elaine Braun will go with the home improvement team. Good Luck, girls.

Mrs Chas. Forchee staying at St Josephs hospital in Concordia.

John W Haist and sons of Topeka spent their weekend with home folks.

Jennie and Robert Whitley spent Saturday afternoon with us. John F and Maynard Kline, jr. have enrolled in college at Salina.

Mr & Mrs Maynard Kline spent a while Sunday evening with us.


Classified ads: Mrs Grant Kiser, Frank Jaros, Bill Mondt, A D Rice (building adjacent to the drug store) , Leon Gehrke, Ray Everley, Delphos Milling Company, I P Phillipson, Cliff Hawkins, C L Cain, Elmer Gehrke, Bernice Baldock, Hogarty Upholstery, Ted Hollis, J G Lassey - Miltonvale, Minneapolis Greenhouse,


Mr & Mrs John R Nelson took Sara Lee to Lawrence Sunday to enter Kansas University.


Ed Pilcher spent the weekend with Mrs Pilcher, Pat & Dan.

Linus Gustafson was taken to St Johns hospital for treatment.

Mr & Mrs Clyde Chambers of Tescott called on Mr & Mrs George Woods.

Miss Priscilla Ann Zeeb is spending the week in Wichita with Mr & Mrs Roy Harding and family.

Virginia Smith, daughter of Mr & Mrs Lester Smith, went to Manhattan to enter sophomore year at KSC.


Mr & Mrs Lloyd White of Alva, OK, spent Tuesday with their uncle and aunt, Mr & Mrs I W Ferris.

Mr & Mrs Raymond Shivers, Brenda and Kelvin, of Phillipsburg, spent the weekend here with Mr & Mrs Grant Kiser and other relatives.

Mr & Mrs Bill Charlton of Salina, Mrs Orville Righter, and Mr & Mrs Millard Keener were guests at the Wilson Burough home Sunday Sept 1.

Mr & Mrs Ralph Smith of Boulder CO, Mrs A N Baxter (film damaged)

Mr & Mrs Leo Opat and family of Lindsborg, spent Sunday with Mrs Opat's parents and grandmother, Mr &mrs Wilson Burough and Mrs Mattie Burough. Celia Opat who had been visiting returned home with the family.

Mrs Edith Dean left Thursday for Chicago where she expected to spend a few days before returning to her home in Fairless Hills, PA. She visited here enroute from a trip to the west coast.

Rollis Sechrist has sent his overseas address to the home - 7th Army division Folda, Germany.

Mr & Mrs George Woods went to Concordia to visit Mrs Vira Hillhouse and Mrs Ray Sawhill, of Glasco, patients at St Josephs.

Rev and Mrs Ira Torrence of Minneapolis called at the Kenneth Ballou home Tuesday.

Mr & Mrs Ted Warren and Kenny came this way from Manhattan and picked up Mrs Warrens parents, Mr & Mrs Jay Moore of Concordia and Mrs Maude Warren taking them to their home. Other relatives from Paola and Kansas City joined them. Mr Jim McCain of Paola, a son in law, brought his parents and Mrs Warren home Sunday evening.

Mike Mamoth, brother of Stan Mamoth, is making his home with Mr & Mrs Theodore Paramore and attending Delphos school. Stan has been with the Paramores for some time.

Probate, estate of John V Hurtig, deceased by Leonard Hurtig.

Methodist Church, Kenneth Redfearn, pastor

Presbyterian Church, Benj. A Randus, pastor

St Pauls Catholic Church