Ottawa County Kansas

With a Red Post at every turn you will easily discover our:

+ Natural Prairie

+ Bohemian Hills

+ Dakota Rock

+ Early History


Tour maps available at these locations:


Chamber of Commerce

D & G Oil

Ottawa County Museum

Rock City Motel

Rock City Park

TESCOTT - C & S Service

DELPHOS - Klein Oil, Museum

WELLS - Tourist Center

BENNINGTON - Eastside Oil

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Drive the Natural Prairie Tour and expect a lot of intriguing sights: one of Kansas' first state fishing lakes, a town that refused to vanish, two that did, ranches, farms, a buffalo ranch with a fifty ton hilltop buffalo.

You might see prairie wildlife, wild flowers, and gorgeous sunsets.

You will find fascination in the undulating vistas of grass coated hills, ever changing - always the same.

If you should spot someone, stop and visit a bit. You may find them as caring and friendly as yourself.

BOHEMIAN HILLS TOUR Read an article presented by Clayton L Hogg about this area

We have named this tour the "Bohemian Hills Tour" to describe the rolling hills and give credit to the immigrants of Austria-Hungary who settled in this area in the 1870's. These families would often live in one room homes with as many as nine families in one house. Some would sleep while others were working.

On this tour you will see Mrs. Morgan's grave who was captured by the Indians and rescued by General Custer. You will see a monument of the little girl's letter to Abe Lincoln encouraging him to grow his beard. The church where Milburn Stone "Doc Adams" was married, the historic downtown of Delphos, historic grain elevators, and even an UFO site are on this tour. A trail marker on top of Boyer Hill shows the route that Zebulon Pike took to meet with the Pawnee Indians in Republic County in 1806.

Old barns, miles of stone fences, and open spaces are some of the highlights. You will see the most scenic valley and rolling hills there are in the heart of America. You will meet interesting people and learn why the homesteaders fell in love with Ottawa County.


There's something for everyone on the Dakota Rock Tour. Youngsters of all ages will the cool, relaxing atmosphere of the Markley Grove Park. Another fun site to visit is Rock City. A unique prairie setting for over 200 sandstone concretions. Rock City is one of three National Natural Landmarks found in Kansas.

Continue your journey through the Pawnee Gap Trail, over country backroads to the Saline River Valley. Come and see Tescott, a town named after T.E. Scott, an early day settler of Morton Township. Morton Township's colorful history comes alive to guests of the Tescott Museum. Rocks and historical revelations abound in Tescott's countryside. Cruise by an 1870's sandstone schoolhouse, visit Table Rock, stand on the land that once was a post office on an old stage mail route.

As you continue down the valley, towards the small community of Culver, you'll discover more history, more old structures and more beautiful river country. While at Culver, go and view the old jail, the churches and the firehouse. Rural Kansas at its best: farms, windmills, prairie grass hills, wildflowers, native animals and birds, fence rows, wheat fields all under one big blue sky.


Follow the path where Indian villages were once located and mark the spot were Fort Solomon once stood. This area is part of the early history Red Post driving tour.

Fort Solomon was not an army post, but a civilian fort where early settlers could find protection from Indian Raiders. In the late 1870's and 1880's several towns sprang to life in this area. You'll first visit Lindsey which was once the county seat. You will continue on to the village of Verdi and the larger village of Niles.

An interesting stop will be the town of Bennington, where you might browse through the Bennington Antique Plaza and visit Memory Lane Antiques at the former lumber yard. And you might stop for a coke at the old-time soda fountain in the drug store. Bennington is known for its outstanding rodeo held each June.