It's a Boy!

Christmas 1997 - 7mo Visiting Seattle Nov 1998
Christmas 1998

And he's our litle Munchkin

Happy Halloween
5 1/2 months

We'd like to introduce you to


our first grandson,
so that you can enjoy him as much as we do!

Dana and Karen got married Aug 10, 1996

and Travis was born May 13, 1997 - at 4 lbs 14 oz he was a little guy.
He stayed at Presbyterian Hospital -in Plano and Dallas for over a month.

His paternal grandparents are
Sandy and Steve
Travis meets his cousin

Great Grandparents are Jim and Laura

His maternal Grandparents are Bob and Aurora

Great Grandma Undine
Great Grandpa Winton
Great Grandma Lucy

He has lots of other relatives

His daddy's brother and his wife -
are his uncle and aunt -
Stephen and Laurie

His mommy's sister is Michelle and mommy's brother is Larry

They are his other aunt and uncle.

Travis loves "dog" - Barry and Cheryl's new puppy "Bosco"

His first friend was Kristin Sparks
Then he met Catlin Coughran (with her mom)

Now his two best buddies are Corey and Devon McCall
and his friends from the "school" he goes to.

If you'd like to leave him a message

you can send him his own email message


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