List of Inventory Nov 2005

Im not sure of some of the names as they are not in current books


Have list                                 - want list

1998 membership/prot  75--                   liner

2000 renewal/protector /green liner            okay

2003 membership/prot 75--                   liner

sm berry/prot on left                            liner

med boardwalk/prot/liner 89-12-39            okay

bread/prot/liner fruit medley 39-7-17           okay

bread/prot/liner sage 39-7-17                   okay

candle/crock 29                                  okay

small catchall/lid/protector liner               okay    

small catchall/lid/protector
open view          liner

chive/prot   /fruit medley small garter middle      okay                   

right                              liner

cracker/ prot/have 2 liners both fruit medley  29-6-17 okay

darning/protector /fruit medley garter 39-10-18 (ebay)    okay            


darning/prot/ ivy liner right     --8         okay

envelope basket/prot bottom shelf             liner

envelope basket/prot top shelf               liner

envelope rack                             okay

ex small gatehouse/prot - middle-/Fruit Medley liner - --(4 ebay) okay

harmony 5/prot                           liner

homecoming/prot                          liner




ice bucket-extra large canister(w/handle)/lid/insulated prot  /liner

69?-22-26-24/8                          okay   

med key/prot bottom                          liner

tall key/ prot

leaf hangar 19                                      okay

mail/protector/liner/tie on mail                      okay

medium market basket/2 piece protector  69-20-28 liner

newspaper/prot  129-23-33                         liner 

newspaper/prot  129-23-33                          liner

parsley on right                                     prot/ liner

large picnic/prot  108-17-39                        liner

recipe/lid/prot/cards 53-7-8-14                    liner

recipe/lid/prot/cards 53-7-8-14                  liner

serving/protector/liner                             okay

shining star/prot/blue star liner/christmas holly liner okay

spring basket/prot on left                         liner

sweetheart set/paprika liner:basket/lid/liner/prot/tie on okay

tarragon/prot left                                   liner

tea/prot/fruit medley liner on right 29-6-14    okay

tissue/protector/lid/tie on 34-8-50-?           liner

tie on gate                                           okay

tie on mail                                           okay

tie on heart and key                                 okay

tv time basket/protector                            

Umbrella/protector/stand                            liner 

Waste basket/protector/blue denim liner           okay

weekender/prot                                        liner