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July 19 2011

Linus blankets - fleece with crochet



This is my mystery quilt. Several of us took the challenge on retreat. I bought the fat quarters at Tuesday Morning, having no idea what the pattern was.

oops, I see a mistake, where did I put the seam ripper?


Baby blanket and caps


quilt class

loom class

two more for Winter Special Olympics 2011

  Jan 12 2011



How can this be? 4 months again? Well, see the notes below. Same excuses.

Forgot to take some pictures, been busy, haven't gotten a round tuit. (see the one farther down, lol)

I have to brag on Raven and Xander. She actually loomed most of the brim for a hat for her Mom.  She got to the part where you fold it in half and add it to the other side and lost interest. The teachers at Xander's school took his hand and footprints and made this angel pillow, then they made Christmas Cards from the design as a fund raiser. 

I haven't done much quilting at all. I did finish one project we started months ago. Anita showed us how to make cosmetic bags. It just looks lopsided, I hadn't ironed it yet. Donna showed us how to make tulip purses. I'm almost finished with that one, just need a button.


Unfortunately the blanket I started on my trip to Guatemala had one skein of off color yarn in it. Linus was happy to receive it. I'm sure some talented person fixed it so it looked like it was done that way on purpose. I can't believe as many times as I looked at it I didn't spot that. Its only obvious if the light hits it just right.

Gaylia asked our Women With Pointy Sticks group to help out around Thanksgiving time. The Salvation Army was putting together these bags for the shelter, I did two. They needed 200.



I gave Brian an Ohio state blanket last year. It got a little bedraggled where it had been machine serged, so I put a new edge on it.

Everything Xander wanted for his birthday and Christmas was Toy Story  - especially Buzz Lightyear. I made him a helmet liner but not only did he want nothing to do with it, he doesn't like hats, and it was way too big. Any adults out there want it? Its acrylic so I don't know how warm it is for the northern climates. Way too hot for Texas.


Latest project I finished was the two scarves which I did for Winter Special Olympics. The group sent in 9, but there are more coming. Texas alone needs 3500 scarves. Oops, I forgot to trim the fringe, oh well, someone will love it anyway!!/pages/Scarves-For-Special-Olympics/311814935551

Did the one on the right on a rake loom, double knit. So even though its narrow its warm. Just love the culicue fringe.

Sept 30 2010


My, oh, my, 4 months have gone by

and no updates.

Looking through my pictures I realize that I didn't take pictures of some projects and some aren't finished.

Here are some that are completed.

Michelle wanted a window seat. it finally got done. You can barely see it behind Xander.

Poor baby, he fell asleep at the table not long after this photo was taken.


July 21st, My son and I  went to Guatemala. I started a baby blanket on the plane. Plastic circular needles are okay! See, you cant tell here that it came out  defective.

3 months later I'm still working on it...

I also made a sailor cap for Oliver.


This is the look we were originally going for, lol.

but ended up with a white beanie instead.

He prefers the brim pulled down and then rolled up.



We spent three weeks there and took loads of pictures

not much time for projects.

What a great time we had!


I've been concentrating mostly on blankets but most weren't photographed.

We are trying to put together a book on crocheted edgings.

Here is a sampling of the ones I turned in. There was one with a three braid edge that I didn't take a picture of.


Pirate theme challenge

double fleece and hand tied

teen theme challenge

military theme challenge

premie isolette covers



knitted baby blanket

It looks like I need to go hit my UFO pile again...





May 12 2010


This is a Lion Brand pattern. I would not do it this way again. The handles should be at the ends not in the middle.

It doesn't hang on my shoulder correctly.


Another shawl for our Shawl Ministry at Elizabeth Seton. This is Boston Rose in Homespun. Geri did the fringe then off it went.

Bought some cotton and have been making swatches, spa cloths, whatever. Enjoying learning new patterns.



I want to make some clothes for the American Girl doll, any patterns out there?

I made this one up as I went along.


Travis sent me a picture of a hat he saw in a yarn shop.

I got the pattern from them but it was very hard to follow.

Its pretty big, even for me, so we had to roll up the brim to fit Xander.

I finally mailed it to Travis but haven't heard if he likes it yet.




Feb 15 2010

Okay, lets play catch up........

Here are a few of my completed and uncompleted projects

superman outfit in progress, size 18 mo.

adult hat done in knit, purl rib in progress,

shrinks up smaller than adult size

stretched across red loom for size comparison>


the ribs equalized a bit more as the yarn relaxed.

Even though it was a adult pattern it would look better on a child.




dark navy blue helmet liner

and matching loomed hat with rolled brim, which was done w/ 4 strands of wool

(btw, I don't like the gathered top so I move it to dp needles and

decrease until there are only a dozen or so stitches to gather.)

knitted doll hats

knitted baby caps


Naked doll needed an outfit and he doesn't match any patterns already out there..


loomed shoe bag



afghan square for chains and purls project, for Shelly's dad, and completed project

KAL Rachels Ravelry group, cotton dishcloth


We made ten of these for our Bingo group, assorted colors...

Sept 2009 Eddies birthday gift, thanks to Glenda for the use of her embroidery machine

and her experience!



August 2009

The last few months I've been working on a few things and haven't gotten around to posting them. Some I still don't have pictures for because I already gave them away. I've also been playing with my friend's embroidery machine and her Serger. What fun!


Here's a sample of blankets we did for the Make a Blanket day August 29th in McKinney

Glenda machine embroidered the designs on the baby blankets  and I crocheted the edge all around Tinkerbell.


Earlier, I completely redid the target hat (see earlier post below) with the right yarn, then with the left over yarn from the first attempt I made some Caps for Kids, which have already gone to Chicago. Also, my sister in law wove in all the loose ends and we sent some other items north. The photo shows the colors faded out because of the closeness of the flash..but it is finished!

Two kids hats and a bottle tote made from the yarn that was all cut up by the first target hat project.

water bottle tote


Here's the square top blue hat and matching double knit scarf.

That's an interesting project I had never tried before

.....twice the thickness and looks the same on both sides.

Vanna's yarn is nice and soft.

Here is the other double knit scarf, hand warmers (fingerless mittens) and a cap.

(another cap just like it went to my granddaughter already).

Cant say I like this yarn, it is too stiff when doubled.

Finally used the flower loom!


Some of the Saint Elizabeth Seton Shawl ministry ladies

See the website at

Here's my quilt for my small group QGP challenge

I don't like quilting the fleece backing without a walking foot.


Here are some of the ladies manning the booth at the Quilters Guild of Plano show 2009

One of our ladies asked for helmet liners for her son and his friends and I did four of them.

The pattern is very precise and calls for small knitting needles.

The black one is the correct one, the brown has just a little too much ribbing around the face area but is usable anyway.

Scary, huh? probably ought to be pulled down even more to hide the face

but the guys tell us they are invaluable.

If there are any volunteers wanting to make them, remember they must be 100% wool.



I did one with the brown around the neck and then black for the rest of the top part but I didn't get a picture.

Also another one completely black just like the top one and the navy blue one in the Feb pics but it cant go to the military because blue is not approved.


Last but not least is a baby blanket done for our newest little cousin.

Machine embroidery sure is addictive.


Un Finished ObjectS......July 2009

I'm working on a cowl I have already frogged twice. ugghhh.    =finally done

and a shawl for Shawl Ministry

and a pair of fingerless ladies gloves and < need seams

a pair of mans mittens for the Church group I belong to <need seams

and some Caps for Kids  =2 done (see above), several more in process < need tails woven

some doll clothes

and a couple of cotton washcloths for halloween = done

and a couple of  quilts for to deliver to

Snowball Express

and I have a bunch more projects in mind.

I'm sure glad I finally retired!

June 2009

I've been working on baby caps, knitted and crocheted.

These went to McKinney Hospital.

Sarah wove in the tails for a few of them...


and crochet edging some fleece blankets for

April 8th 2009


I've been working on a couple of new things. Pictures to follow when they are done.

Remind me not to do anything striped. I hate weaving in tails.

Hey, Jeanette, I made my first snowball on the loom.

Thanks for the recipe!

That was quite a deal. I couldn't make any sense of the gather cast on, at first,

then I had to learn how to do the flat knit stitch.

Here is a hat I made recently. I donated it.

See above for the scarf that went with it.

I did a brim, then a few rows of 2 over 1 (doubled the yarn to start with) ewrap then a few rows of 1 over 1 (again doubled) ewrap (rep 3x) to get the scrunch effect.

I didn't want the gathered off top so I played with making 4 triangles flat then sewing them together.

 It's different anyway!  Do you think it looks too silly? 

Maybe it's the old lady who looks silly!






My daughter sent me a link for a hat she wanted

but I bought Wool Ease Thick and Quick or something like that, by mistake.

oops, way too big, so I'm going to recycle that yarn for another project.

Goes to prove I really need to make a gauge swatch. I bought Chunky yarn instead and will try again.

I'm having problems with the math, though. It says to increase but I don't come up with the same numbers they do. 

Hopefully this wont be a big problem.

here's what it looked like before I was supposed to sew up the seam but I ripped it out and started over instead. 

< here's what it is supposed to look like, go up farther and see what it came out looking like!




Okay, here it is February something and I haven't posted anything!

I made Raven a bright purple hat with a white daisy but forgot to take a picture. She chose the color.

I did it on the green loom then I made one on the purple loom for Karen. I see the difference in the gauge. Karen's is pictured higher up.

I am working on a sweater now. I didn't know what size it was while I was working on it, so it's too big for Raven. From the charts it looks like a 10. I still need to sew up the seams and hide the ends. I did the two panels on the green loom and the neck on the red and the arms on the blue. I told her it  was for a friend but she wanted to try it on anyway. It sure put them in a dancing mood!
 No, Xander doesn't have Yoda ears! Just a quirk in the photo.


I love the way it looks like its woven instead of knit. 


There is a lot of this yarn left over because I had to buy another pound to finish the sweater. So Karen's getting her hat, too, and some hand warmers, maybe even a scarf. I double knit the scarf and its pretty stiff, don't think Ill use that yarn again. On second thought, Raven can always tack it up as a bulletin board. LOL. Hopefully I'll get them mailed before it gets too hot to wear them in Chicago. Still need to weave in the tails. 

Hope its not too bright for you, Karen? If so I can keep them and wear them with my red hat!

 Note: we're into April and the sweater still has one seam to go. Ah, well, I'll save it for next winter.


Dec 12 2008


Okay, here's a couple of pictures of Christmas gifts. Hopefully my kids wont peek. The shawl was knitted the regular way for the shawl ministry. It is Lyon brand, homespun.  The left over yarn was enough for a basic beanie. I used the green loom, two strands for a heavier weave (for those cold Chicago winters), ewrapped about 12 rows and then made a cuff. The pattern called for 50 rows but I think I only did about 35, then gathered it off at the top. The model is my mother-in-law. She is 91 years young.


Here's the leg warmers, but they came out too small, so now they are arm warmers, LOL. and this time I did the k1, p1 ribbing which turned out just fine. They aren't really warped, Homespun just stretches more. 


and heres a small gift for my grandson Travis. I think his new school colors are blue and gold. Its pretty cold in Chicago. Wonder if he has lost it yet? His uncle sure couldn't keep any hats.


Tried a couple of more times to make leg warmers. This set I used the red loom and they work pretty good. It went to a friend for Christmas. The other set I did flat with increases but it is too wide at the top so I'm going to add some elastic before I take the picture.



Here is a Santa hat for my one year old grandson, Xander. He is not used to wearing hats and wouldn't keep it on. Its a little too tall for him but fits good around the brim.  I think I did it on the green loom,  doubling the yarn. Big sister likes it just fine. Maybe he will wear it next year.


Posted Dec 6 2008

I found or took pictures of some of the projects I've done recently.

Enjoy! I want ot track them and make notes so I know what not to do next time.

Here's the poncho I knitted. It's boucle yarn and really black so it was very hard for me to see and work with. I should have used bigger needles. Its basically two rectangles sewn together, then I made a crocheted chain and weaved it through the neckline and left a long tie at the front, just to dress it up a little. 

Then our meetup group got together and made a blanket for a little girl we knew about, who was  in the hospital. I did all the hot pink squares and the other ladies did the other squares. Here's how it turned out:



Here's the cap before I gave it to the same little girl who is going through Chemo. As I mentioned at the beginning, this was my absolute first attempt at looming. I think I did it on the green loom but I'm not sure, could have been the red. She is  7 so that sounds about right. She loves pink, purple and blue. I used two different colors of yarn and ewrapped the whole thing. I like the little roll at the bottom. The colors changed according to which ball was on the right and which on the left. It's gathered at the top. I made a pompom after I took the pictures just to dress it up.


I made her a regular knit cap, too

My most ambitious project was a King size bed spread for my son. I deviated from my preferred method of knitting and crocheted it.  Here it is on our queen size bed. Mom had to hold part of the last strip up so I could see how big it was! He was jealous because the girls got shawls for Christmas and he didn't get anything homemade, so I asked him what he wanted.  Took a while to make it.

Then, the other day I was babysitting my granddaughter, Raven, and was knitting a hat and cape for her.

 She wanted to knit, too. 


I got to thinking about the looms and got them out to experiment with, thinking she might be able to handle this. I remember making looooong tails with a spool and a few nails, when I was a kid. Can't remember ever sewing them into anything, LOL.

Anyway, I've been going gung ho. I like the look of the ewrap and using the loom for tube type items. My circular needles are always a little too long for the projects I want to do and double pointed needles are a little too short. 

I'm trying to figure out gauges and yarns so I'm keeping a journal of what I do to help me out there. I also joined three yahoo groups which have to do with looms. There is all kinds of good info out there giving how-tos and great inspiration for new projects. In fact - I've got two projects going right now but I cant tell you about them yet as they are Christmas gifts.

Once I got started again, my very first project was supposed to be a pair of leg warmers.  First I did 12 rows of what I thought was ribbing. I think I actually did the two over one ewrap, You get the same twisted knit stitches, just a lot tighter.  Hah! no way would the blue loom work around my ankles and this was way too tight for a baby's head. So I decided to make a koozie from the piece I had started. No way was I going to frog it (you know, rip it, rip it!). I had used two strands of yarn and ewrapped them.   So I made it a little longer. Then did the gathered bind off. I was looking for something for my drinks at work, they tend to sweat all over my papers. Worked perfect and I can fold over the top for cans. I still had a little ice at the end of the day, too. Added bonus: no one else picks it up and takes a drink by mistake! 




Okay, for my next project, I still wanted to use the blue loom. This time, I used two strands of sport yarn. Again, thinking of a baby cap, but did the brim thing. Still too tight for a baby (maybe a preemie but not very soft!) so I decided to do the golf stick covers in the booklet that came with the looms. Figured out how to do the stripes with no problem. Hey, I'm getting this ewrap thing down pretty good now! Can't figure out why the pics look so orange but they really are red and green. I don't know anyone with golf clubs but they will make great stirrup covers for my ob-gyn on Tuesday when I go in for my annual checkup. (I did, and he really liked them, they fit the stirrups perfectly.) Maybe I'll try another pair with thumbs. Now, how did the instructions say to do that?

Oh, no! I cant do that I already told you I've got two projects in the works on the other looms. Oh, and I'm still working on a new shawl for the shawl ministry. I'm on number 12 now.


Golly, maybe if I get off the computer  I might actually get them finished by Christmas, then I'll post some more pictures.

Go up to the next ball of yarn for my next post...





Dec 2008

Early this winter I was at a Michaels store and they were having a Warm Up America day. They were having a drawing and I won a set of Knifty Knitter looms. I tried making a cap and it came out cute but I knit a lot faster than I could do the cap with the loom. So I put the looms away. I knit 33 squares for the Warm Up project, though. Some other ladies and I got together at the store every week and we managed to make enough between us for two blankets for a shelter. Each blanket had 7 strips of 7 squares (7x9 in each). Each strip was crocheted together with a two inch purple strip (same as the two dark squares) and a border all around. We connected the squares in the strips without a border in between. The first one (that was knit double width - sideways) was used for part of a small pillow. That was my gauge sample, lol. Here are just the squares I did with my left over yarn. I wish I had a picture of the finished projects, they really came out looking good.