The TAQG Rally June 15, 2006

More info here about TAQG - courtesy of the Ellis County Quilt Guild

There were 18 Raffle Quilts available. Raffle tickets can be obtained by contacting the quilt guild selling them.  click here

Any quilt guild that wants their info posted here may contact me



The Creative Quilters Guild of Ellis County did the raffle quilt above (red, green and black around the world-type pattern)  It's called, "Waltz Around the World."  

Hope to see you at our quilt show next week. Quilt Show July 21-22, 2006



Quilt above is from Rowlett Quilters guild

This quilt is from Land O 'Lakes in Lewisville  More info


above is from Denton Quilt Guild     More info

above is from Frisco Quilt Guild  Fabrics: Moda Marbles and Black Pieced/Assembled by: Guild members  Quilted by: Anne Bartholet 

You may purchase a ticket by contacting any guild member or the guild via mail or email. Frisco Quilt Guild P.O. Box 2183 Frisco, TX 75034

E-mail:  Date of Raffle to be announced on website


Quilters Guild of Arlington




above is from Trinity Valley Quilters Guild.
Our quilt is 117" X 117" .  Hand appliqued flowers on batik ..beautiful piping around the center of quilt.  Machine quilted heavily by Judith Katz.  Quilt made and appliqued by Pat Burnham.  Both ladies are ribbon winners! Raffle Tickets are being sold by members and the winner will be announced at our annual Quilt Show, One Stitch at a Time September 15-17, 2006  at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth.  Proceeds from the quilt benefit women and children in our community. 



There were two speakers , Carol Ann Sinnreich and Elsie Campbell . Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of them.

Carol is a designer and textile artist. She brought the two quilts you can barely see in the photo. She shared some insights as to the design and completion of the final project, also some organizational tips.

Elsie spoke on Renovations and Innovations. She showed a selection of her scrap quilts and also a slide presentation of her quilts, friends quilts and from the International Quilt Study Collection.

Throughout the day numbers were called for door prizes. Thanks to the many quilt shops who donated.



Last, but not least were the mini quilts donated by various members for a silent auction.

The 4 with the highest bids went to the same lady for $60 each. Can you guess which ones?


the 7 tulips in the lower right corner


the floral vine in the lower right corner. This was gorgeous - the picture doesn't do it justice.

the flower with the butterfly, top left corner

Cant remember for sure which the fourth one was, do you know? I think the lavender and green in the top left corner.

Don't these pictures  inspire you to make a mini quilt?

These two were my favorites, but, no, they didn't get the highest bid.



Next year, see you in Mesquite!